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According to statistics, gastrointestinal dyskinesia worries more women than men over the age of 30.


But, most often the disease occurs in older people. Since dyskinesia does not have clear symptoms, patients rarely seek medical help from doctors. It also happens that in the patient's card the doctor writes the diagnosis of gastroesophageal reflux disease, although this phenomenon is considered one of ketorolac pills of the pathology in question.

Dyskinesia in the esophagus is manifested as a primary or secondary type of pathology.

Causes of primary esophageal dyskinesia.

The causes of the diseases in the two cases may be different. Accordingly, treatment is prescribed according to the causes and symptoms of the disease. Therefore, it is important to determine the true cause of dyskinesia in order to carry out the correct treatment and protect the health of the patient.

Secondary dyskinesia is sometimes provoked by drugs. glucogan, thyroliberin and others. Therefore, during the treatment of any disease with drugs, it is important to buy toradol online your well-being. These drugs are used only as prescribed by a doctor and under his strict control.

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Secondary dyskinesia occurs due to diseases of the esophagus. For example, the problem is caused by esophagitis, hernias, tumors, diverticulum. Dyskinesia in the esophagus often occurs against the background of diabetes, muscle dystrophy. Disorders in the nervous system, chronic cholecystitis or peptic ulcers can also cause problems with the esophagus. The difference in pressure between the esophagus and stomach causes reflux. Often in an upright position, the patient can notice belching, nausea, and vomiting.


If a person consumes hot, cold, spicy or poorly fried food, dysphagia occurs, which is accompanied by heaviness behind the sternum, as well as discomfort when food passes through the esophagus.

Sometimes patients with esophageal dyskinesia complain of tearing chest pains that radiate to the back, neck or jaw. Sometimes the body temperature may rise, sweating or trembling occurs throughout the body. With problems in the region of the cardiac sphincter, belching appears, regurgitation of food when leaning forward, as well as in a supine position.

To make a correct diagnosis and start treatment, contact a gastroenterologist and an endoscopist. Specialists conduct the necessary examination.

Often dyskinesia of the esophagus is complicated by cardiospasm or achalasia of ketorolac pills. With cardiospasm, a person becomes whiny, loses weight, memory is weakened, pain behind the sternum and between the shoulder blades, belching of air or food occurs. With achalasia of the cardia, peristalsis is disturbed, and the tone of the thoracic esophagus decreases.

With the help of an endoscope, inaccuracies of the internal organ are examined.

To check the motor function of the esophagus, the Carvalo test is performed.
After the results of the examination, the doctor determines the correct diagnosis and prescribes treatment. Treatment of esophageal dyskinesia is carried out taking into account the nature of the manifestation of the disease. In the primary form of toradol pills, therapy is carried out with antispasmodics, antacids, motor function regulators, psychotropic drugs. Additionally, the doctor may prescribe therapy with multivitamins, sedatives and antidepressants.

To cure secondary dyskinesia, you should first treat the disease that provoked it. Try to avoid positions that increase reflux. Sleep on a bed with high pillows. Reduce physical and emotional stress. Eliminate alcohol from your diet. Acute atony of the stomach requires gastric probing, which allows you to extract all the contents accumulated in the stomach. After the procedure, it is necessary to carry out continuous drainage until the tone of the stomach is restored.

In parallel, the treatment is carried out directly of the disease that provoked the problem.

To avoid dehydration with the help of droppers, glucose and sodium chloride are introduced into the body in the form of solutions. To increase the stimulation of gastric motility, carbacholin, aceclidine, strychnine and other drugs are administered. During such treatment, food and oral medications should not be taken. Try not to eat too cold or hot food. Hot sauces, spices, juices with a sour taste, coarse fiber are prohibited. Eat six small meals a day. Cook food for a couple, boil, bake, exclude frying.

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Spasm of the esophagus of a diffuse nature is eliminated with the help of valerian, elecampane, angelica and other medicinal herbs. On their basis, infusions and decoctions are prepared. Herbal remedies can only be used if there is no allergy.

In addition to following a diet, avoid excessive exercise, bending over and overeating. The use of toradol and phytotherapy. For the treatment of esophageal dyskinesiaand it is recommended to undergo a course of electrophoresis. Hypotension and atony of the esophagus are treated with tincture of ginseng, zamaniha high, Chinese magnolia vine, eleutherococcus extract.